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How do you stay in front of technologies that are vital to winning customers’ attention, loyalty and spend? How do you make important advances in customer experiences?

visitorM will deliver answers and help you bridge the gap between physical and digital customer experiences.

It is a solution made up of connected hardware you place in front of customers and employees. It is easy to extend into your app, beacons and systems with a simplemakes it easy to understand large volumes of data from multiple sources and locations in real-time.

Features for Business Success

visitorM will help you establish a foundation for emotion-recognition that you can measure and incorporate into your experience design and core operations.

Automate Feedback

Touch screens placed strategically throughout the customer journey gather real time feedback for your teams to enable improvements in core operations

Method Statements

Customer feedback screens can be extended for staff tasks with step-by-step detail on how a task is to be completed for a specific asset or location

Software Integration

visitorM plays nice with existing systems and can be extended to include digital platforms such as your mobile apps, beacons and business intelligence systems

Parallax Features

Core Features

Our solution delivers the tools you need to streamline processes while tracking their impact on customer experiences

Real-Time Research

Add new questions to existing questionnaires and collect responses in real-time.

Enterprise KPI Goals

Easy goal setting allows you to set targets and track progress across all the different levels of your business.

Proactive Service Alerts

Alerts facilitate action at all levels of your organization—from the CEO to the front line.

Intuitive user interface

Cloud based interface makes it easy for every user across your organization to understand and act on feedback.

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Real Time Analytics

Easily and intuitively slice-and-dice all your information in real time.

Centralized CX Reports

Works across every customer touchpoint to present a unified view of your customers’ experiences.

Role-based Access

Reports and actions are tailored to each individual and their role in your business.

Big Data Performance

In-memory analytics enables you to view and understand multidimensional data at scale — instantly


From Argentina to Qatar, visitorM is a reliable partner to help continuously improve processes that impact your customer experience.

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